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[Head Office and Plant] 1220 Nishihara Hadano city, Kanagawa #2570027 JAPAN
TEL:+81-463-82-1211 FAX:+81-463-82-1213

[Isehara Plant] 61-5 Suzukawa Isehara city, Kanagawa #2591146 JAPAN
TEL:+81-463-98-0711 FAX:+81-463-98-0717

[Isehara Second Plant] 59 Suzukawa Isehara city, Kanagawa #2591146 JAPAN


October 16, 1965


December 13, 1973


100 million yen


Representative Director and President Ryuichi Kuboshima

Business description

Various power supply units, power receiving and distribution units
Control device UPS
Communication related equipment and Attached sheet metal production
Any incidental work related to the above

Major business partner

Kyosan Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Electron Limited Group
TMEIC Co., Ltd.
Toyo Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Furukawa Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
(In no particular order or honorific title)

Management system


The affiliated organizations

hadano Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Hiratsuka business corporation
Industrial Environmental Management Association (JAMP-GP)
Kanagawa Prefecture Sheet Metal Industry Association


End of March

Site area

Head office 3,300㎡
Isehara Plant 4,500㎡
Isehara Second Plant 3,000㎡

Building area

Head office factory 1,770㎡
Isehara plant 3,400㎡
Isehara Second plant 1,880㎡

Number of Employees


Major Banks

Bank of Yokohama
Commercial Shinkin Bank
Bank of Mitsuisumitomo

Company History

October 1954

Established as Kubishima Plant in 1216 Nishihara, Hadano City

March 1970

Started order from Japan Inter (Kyocera Corporation) (now Kyocera)

December 1972

Renamed Kuboshima Factory Co., Ltd.

December 1972

Order received from Toyo Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

April 1972

Establishment of sheet metal factory in company

March 1984

First order received from Hitachi, Ltd. and Kanagawa Factory

October 1984

Order received from Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

October 1990

Received a recognition of “good industrialists” from the governor of Kanagawa prefecture

January 1991

Changed company name to Kubotec Co., Ltd.

February 1994

Order received from Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. and Hiratsuka plant

November 1995

Order received from KYOSAN CO., LTD.

June 1997

Opened development design department

January 2000

Development and production of standard control panel “Kuborack” started

April 2001

Production of distribution board compliant with overseas standards (SEMI, CE mark standard)

August 2004

Introduction of waterproof test equipment for outdoor enclosure (for IEC standard: IPX 4, X 5 compliant)

May 2005

Acquired ISO9001: 2000 certification

May 2006

Order received from NEC Engineering Co., Ltd.

October 2007

Order received from Tokyo Electron AT Co., Ltd.

March 2008

Started self-developed ordering system

January 2008

NFPA 79, 2007 version SCCR compatible distribution board production

May 2012

Laser Punch Multifunction Machine has installed

October 2013

Earthquake resistance tests has performed using measured waves of “Kuborack”

April 2014

Started receiving orders from Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric Industry System Co., Ltd.(Currently TMEIC Co., Ltd.)

April 2015

Company’s 50th anniversary

October 2016

Started operation at Material center

May 2017

Hirasawa Plant has started operation

April 2018

Isehara Plant has started operation

November 2020

Registered as a certified factory for industrial control panel UL508A

July 2021

Isehara Second Plant has started operation

Business Contents

Working proudly as Japanese in the world of manufacturing.
Kubotec values integrity production by “handmade”. We handle all processes from orders to design, manufacture, shipping, after-sales follow-up, and complete products carefully with reliable technology. We pursue high “quality” from fine details such as tightening one screw. Products such as power supply equipment and control equipment produced from such a sincere attitude are highly evaluated for performance and reliability that are not found in overseas products, leading to direct transactions with major manufacturers, and further development of next-generation product development, which we believe it leads to further orders.

The target areas are “semiconductor manufacturing equipment”, “equipment for social infrastructure”, “Equipment for general industry”. Since its founding, we have accumulated technological capabilities and expertise by concentrating our business in a balanced manner in these three fields, which creates stabilized management by dispersing risks such as economic fluctuations, and protect the environment in which employees can relentlessly devote themselves to manufacturing. Our products are active in places where absolute safety and reliability are required such as semiconductor, automobile, solar cell manufacturing site, mobile phone base station, defense, railways. Especially in the areas such as fast chargers for electric vehicles, which are expected to grow greatly in the future, business transactions are also expanding. Even today, the possibility of becoming the key to the future competitions in Japan are born from the hands of each employee, the technology that supports “MADE IN JAPAN”.

Isehara Plant


Head Office

Isehara Plant

Isehara Second Plant