Main Equipment

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Fiber laser complex machine (with T / L) LC-2512C1AJ

Press brake HG 1303(3m)

Table type spot welding machine TSⅢsNT(AL)

Design and operation equipment

Name Model Brand Number
Server Express5800 NEC 2
3D-CAD Sheet Works Amada 1
CAD AUTO CAD LT2015 Autodesk 16
A1 Plotter for output DESIGNJET510 HP 1
Business computer Windows 7 HP・DELL 40
Full color multifunction machine IMAGIO RICOH 5

Equipment assembly facility

Name Model Brand Number
Manual crimping machine Various manufactures   -
Electric hydraulic clutch SEP-20DX Cactus 1
Electric hydraulic clutch E-4(BCT-860) Nichiatsu 1
Electric crimping machine HPS-13S IDEAL 4
Semi-automatic crimping machine LPC220S-C2 JAM 1
Semi-automatic crimping machine JM-5858A、5858 Molex 2
Semi-automatic crimping machine AOL-G、J-2 8930 AMP 2
Semi-automatic crimping machine MKS-1 Nichiatsu 1
Semi-automatic crimping machine CM-105 HIrose 1
Semi-automatic crimping machine CP210-1B JAE 1
Pneumatic crimping machine AD913F、600、601 Nichiatsu 3
Hot Marker SP-10α CKT 2
Automatic wire length measuring and cutting machine C351 Kotera 1
Automatic wire length measuring and cutting machine KN1002A Kotera 1
Cable stripper OTS50 ORISTEC 1
Cable stripper CC100GV3 Nittu Electronics 1
Name plate engraving machine IS400-N GRAVOGRAPH 1
Label making machine CPM-100HⅡ Max 3

Inspection Equipment

Name Model Brand Number
AC/DC withstand voltage and insulation resistance tester TOS9201 Kikusui Electronics 1
Pressure tester TOS8650 Kikusui Electronics 1
Digital Storage Oscilloscope TDS2002B Tektronix 1
Leak clamp tester 30031A Yokogawa 1
Digital multimeter FLUKE-175 FLUKE 8
Protective continuity tester 3157-01 Hioki Electric 1
Resistance meter milliohm tester RM3548 Hioki Electric 1
Clamp on AC/DC HiTester 3287 Hioki Electric 1
DC clamp ammeter 3108-01 Hioki Electric 1
Digital Megohm High Tester 3454-11 Hioki Electric 2
Phase Detector 3126-01 Hioki Electric 2
LCR meter AX-6040 ADEX 1
Conduction · pressure resistance · insulation · instantaneous interruption inspector NM-30X Nackman 1
Sonic belt tension meter U-507 Gates Unitta 1
Electronic hoisting balance 2ACBE 2t Shuzui 1
Overhead traveling crane 2.0t Mitsubishi 1

Sheet metal facility

Name Model Brand Number
Fiber laser complex machine (with T/L) LC-2512C1AJ Amada 1
Laser punch multifunction machine LC-1212C1NT Amada 1
Nitrogen generator PSAⅡ1000H Hitachi 1
Tapping machine CTS-900NT Amada 1
Shearing S-1232 Amada 1
Set press SP-30 Amada 2
Press brake HG1303(3m) Amada 1
Press brake HDS-5020NT(2m) Amada 1
Press brake RG-35 Amada 2
Press brake SPH-30 Amada 1
Universal bending machine CSD-7型 Cyoutetsu kousyo 1
Corner Shear CSW-220 Amada 1
Spot welding machine YR-350SHA Matsushita 1
Table type spot welding machine TSⅢsNT(AL) Amada 1
Argon Arc Welder YC-300BP4 松下 1
Semi-automatic welding machine DM-350 Daihen 3
Air plasma cutting machine M-3000C Daihen 1
Deburring machine FDM-606 INTEX 1
Vibratory barrel polishing machine FM10D TKX 1
Stat welder DI-10M Dry bit 1
Program equipment One push three-dimensional software Amada 1
Program equipment AP100 Amada 1
Ultrasonic cleaning machine PHENIXⅢ Kaijo 1
Overhead traveling crane 2.0t Mitsubishi 1

Machine tool equipment

Name Model Brand Number
Surface grinding machine   Nikko 1
Fixture milling machine   Enshu 1
Lathe   Ikegai 1
Contour machine   Amada 2
Tapping drilling machine   Kitagawa 2
Drill machine   Yoshida 1

Instrument facility

Name Model Brand Number
Tensile inspection machine GP-5 IDEAL 1
Digital torque tester H-100 HIOS 1
Torque gauge BTG90CN Nitto Manufacturing 1
Crimp Height micrometer CHM-25 Mitsutoyo 2
Thermometer for Soldering iron SOLDA320 Sanko Electric Meter 1
Color meter NR-1 Nippon Telegraph 1
Film thickness meter SME-1 Sanko Electronics 1
Handy gloss meter IG-330 Horiba Manufacturing 1
Thread gauge Various 1
Block gauge Various 1
Digital caliper EMA-60 Nakamura 1
Digital caliper pitch caliber CFC-U60 Mitsutoyo 1
Digital caliper E-PITA30 Nakamura 1
Digital caliper CD-30C Mitsutoyo 5
Digital caliper CD-20C Mitsutoyo 3
Digital angle meter DP-601 Marui Instrument 1

Distribution board · power supply unit・Motor control panel・Outdoor rack · Communication cabinet・Sheet metal products (precision accessories, housing, stainless steel, aluminum)・Wire harness (control cable, bundled wire)・Straight copper product (dissimilar conductor, electrode)・OEM · EMS (enabless various requests)