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We pursue constant growth with employees and the community.

The reason for choosing Isehara city, Kanagawa to locate the new plant

Since the company founding, we have been striving to stabilize management by well-balanced developing of our business in three areas: “semiconductor manufacturing equipment”, “equipment for social infrastructure” and “equipment for general industry”.

Among them, sales related to semiconductor manufacturing equipment are increasing in recent years, due to the growth of the semiconductor market due to the spread of IoT.

We have received inquiries about further expansion of transactions and we thought about setting up a new factory in the region.

However, we have set up a new plant in Isehara City, which is close to the main office that lasts more than 50 years since our establishment. The reason is for employees to constantly grow in the place where they are used to work.

I would like everyone to feel comfortable at work at a new site without forcing them to move to other areas.

Before the relocation, some voices concerned about working at the new factory due to the commuting distance, but I was relieved to hear their opinion changed as soon as they saw a shiny new work site.

It is nice to see employees can work comfortably in a clean environment.

We will continue to focus our efforts on social infrastructure and general work as well as the expansion of the field of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, which is favorable, and will create a stronger management foundation.

The number of employees increased by more than 40 people even in one year of 2017. We never stop to go forward to aim for expansion of both scale and sales.
However, the “core” of our company will never change, that is to always keep promises with customers.

Stick to the quality of products, which sincere attitude towards “manufacturing” enables to improve the quality of work.
Our work cannot be fully mechanized.
Even in the era AI is active, we will pursue quality that can only be accomplished with human commitment to work and that only human hands can do.

Our company supports such state-of-the-art technologies and industries with such old-fashioned “manufacturing of Japanese products.”

Since we work in industry with high speed, it will become more necessary to think and move on one’s own.

For that purpose, “human resource development” is also strengthened along with the launch of a new plant.

Establishing a new personnel evaluation system and publishing evaluation criteria to all employees is evaluated as “making it easier to work”.

I hope to continue growing with employees and the community in the future.

We strive to grow a person who can think on their feet.