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Compared to four years ago, sales profit achieved more than doubled, and personal skill was able to grow about twice.We need you for our further development.

As we have founded a new plant, established an open personnel evaluation system, and we are focusing on building an environment to be able to make an environment that is easy for every employee to work in.

Sharpen the senses and face the metal. Stoic work will increase the pleasure of completion.

Sheet metal technician / joined in 2013
I used to work part-time as customer service. I had been always wanting to be a manufacture since I was a child, because I liked a plastic model. Therefore, I entered Hadano’s vocational training school. There, I learned sheet metal and chose the company which is growing among the many sheet metal workers recruitments. Our sheet metal is made after receiving customer’s order of “I want this kind of thing to be made”, so there is the real thrill of manufacturing to actually think, and produce on my own. When I first learned about this company, I was happy to find such a nice company in the neighborhood.

Commitment to work

Based on the drawing generated by CAD, the sheet metal is cut by a laser processing machine etc., bent by a bender, and joined by welding. I always remember the feeling when the form of what I want to make is finished. However, if there is tiny roughness in the finish work, it can also trigger an accident such as burnout. For manual work, it is important to sharpen your senses.

A company that grows by the accumulation of trust. I got another important thing, "pride for work" as joining the company.

Manufacturing Engineer / Joined 2013
“How to tighten a single screw to put souls into small details” The department that symbolizes KUBOTECH is our manufacturing department. Although it may be thought as “a single screw”, there is a possibility that the machine stops due to the single loose screw, or it will ignite from there after a few months leading to a serious accident. Although hundreds of screws are used for one product, we will not ship unless all screws are tightened perfectly. “Working with eyes” “Touch with fingers” It is a proof that it is an important task to screw with “hands” of all 100 manufacturing department staffs.

My commitment

What is important in the manufacturing business is to thoroughly check. Even in screw tightening, the worker ensures that all the work is confirmed starting from the temporarily-finished state, and after drawing from various angles (visual observation), touching, we finally hand it over to the product inspection. Although the more the number of shipment order gets the more time I spend working, it is rewarding as income increases as much as I work. My wife decided to raise a toy poodle behind my back, but I’m thinking I will love it with my two children.

The responsibility for "inspection" is serious. However, I like the work. You do not want to know the reason?

Quality Assurance Inspection Engineer / Joined in 2015
The inspection is the “last fortress” before putting out the product to the world. We confirm the size and model number of the product, check how to tighten the wire, the screws, and the letters on the label so that only those that passed through can be shipped. Because it is difficult to process this work accurately in a day, the works are dividedly in charge of staffs who are specialized in label, wiring, electrification inspection, and final shipment inspection. In addition to pre-shipment, we are improving the accuracy of inspection by performing intermediate inspection at the manufacturing stage. It is a customer to get our “next” product. Even trivial mistakes lead to evaluation of the company’s trust, so responsibility is heavy.

Attraction of the workplace

In the previous job, I was specialized in welding and pressing. So I gained the knowledge on necessity of electricity inspection after joining this company. When I first started working, I repeatedly questioned and suggested my ideas, which my senior workers never hid their ears. I an thankful for them for showing me of even when trouble happen, it is important to look over what process or background has caused the trouble before scolding the staff.

Recruitment for full-time and part-time employee


1)Electrical design
2)Mechanical design
3)Production of electronic and electric equipment

Job content

1)Work to figure out bill of materials,Specification of sheet, external view, and circuit diagram
2)Structure of board, sheet metal drawing and CAD design
3)Assembly and wire assistance work, manufacturing and inspection work support

Number to be admitted

3)Some people

Required experience

1)Electrical circuit knowledge of distribution board and control board,With knowledge of accounting and technical sales
2)With knowledge such as strength and heat calculation at angle structure and angle-less structure
3)Electric device manufacturing experience


1)2)¥230,000~360,000(According to company regulations)
3)Part-time contract between ¥1,112~¥1,590


8:30~17:15(7.75 working hours)
Break time total 1 hour


Yearly raising salary, Bonus twice yearly, Company compensation, Transportation expenses, holidays (Saturday, Sunday, GW, summer and winter vacation, according to our calendar)


We will contact you after you submit your resume anytime on your occasion.

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