Introduction of high-performance venting machine, Explanation of HDS series function.

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Explanation of HDS series function

Concept 1 Short time effect of finding and carrying in blank materials

Looking for paper drawings from files, looking for handwritten instructions. . . A person could not explain if the person was not the one who created. . . .
→ With HDS & AMNC, all required information is called from the database, and information that anyone can understand can be confirmed in a short time.

Concept 2 Short time effect of trial bending

Another 1 degree 40 minute angle correction. . . Because the plate thickness is 1.2 t and V width is 10. . . How many memory should the bar handle be after? . . Depending on experience and intuition, etc., it will take time.
→ HDS & AMNC, anyone can adjust the angle in a short time.

Concept 3 Short time effect of actual processing

In mass production processing, bending tact is a very important problem.
→ A hybrid of HDS will achieve high open height, high production volume.

Open height:500mm

Concept 4 Short time effect of process inspection

In the process inspection, it took time to read the dimensions from the three drawings to perform the product inspection.
→ With AMNC, you can read the necessary information from the drawing in a short time.

Concept 5 Short time effect of data registration

After completion of processing, it was required to fill out the form and leave notes on the processing information, which takes time.
→ If it is done with AMNC, when only the result button is pressed, processing completion information and processing information that are necessary at the time of repeat are all recorded on the server.

Concept 6 Reduction of setup time

We want to reduce mold setup as little as possible. We do not want to reinstall the mold once attached.
→ As long as the HDS mechanism is used, it is possible to attach multiple dies with one setup

Laser Safe

By monitoring the vicinity of the tip of the punch, it enables to work on small articles as close as possible to the mold.
It can also handle box-bending work.
It was adopted in Europe and the United States as a safety system of press brake.
Laser light is classified as laser class: Class 1 (IEC 60825 – 1) is safe.