Construction progress of Isehara new plant

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We welcomed a Shinto priest from Izumo Taisya Sagami bunshi, and were able to hold a ground breaking ceremony during heat waves.
We sent a prayer for safety during the construction and business growth with the general construction team of Daiwa House Group, who cooperated on this project.

Pile driving work has completed.

We can imagine the complete picture after progress of the groundwork and steel frame construction.
Carpentry work begins once roofing construction is finished.
We proceed with the project to meet the construction completion date in the end of February 2018.

Construction became closer to completion.
The ridgepole, outer wall, and floor construction has completed and the signboard has set up.
Elevator has fully installed to create a wheelchair accessible environment.
Carpentry and electrical insulation work are in progress at a high pace.

The construction of Isehara new plant has completed. We are thankful to be able to hold an inauguration ceremony.
The property is provided with a site area of 4500㎡ and a total floor area of 3400㎡, which makes 1.8 times as big as the size of our main plant.
We invited 130 guests to the inauguration ceremony, and gave them a tour of the new plant.
Yokohama tsubuki-taiko performed at the reception. The sound of drums definitely touched our heart.
New updated facilities enable the production capacity to make remarkable progress.
We will be in full operation from April.