KUBOTEC’s 50th Anniversary of establishment

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KUBOTEC’s 50th Anniversary of establishment

We are obliged to welcome the 50th anniversary on October 16th 2015 since we started a private owned business as “Kuboshima Manufacturing” in 1965.
We cannot thank enough for the support from our customers, and thankful for our business partners who instantly guide us to be better.
We try our hardest to manufacture the best in order to gain our customer’s trust and satisfaction to the next 50 years.
We look forward to your continued business patronage.

Ryuichi Kuboshima, The CEO

The momento “Imabari Kumogokochi Towel”

Imabari Towel aims for a brand that provides the best quality to the world, and Kumogokochi Towel is made of top class cotton.
We would like to share this vision as our company aim as well.

Anniversary business

“Installation of walkways for children protection”
The walkways have the width of 1 m, and the total length of 41 m.

“Installation of defibrillator, First Aid certificate”
We cannot thank enough to the neighborhood for the constant support.
We would like to repay the kindness by watching over their safety.

“Bus tour in Tokyo”
We arranged the tour for our workers to be able to communicate better with each other, and not to forget our mind to always be grateful to everyone.