Kuborack rivet method, cost reduction

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The background of rivet method

•Bigger racks like control panel, switchboard, communication housing, generally proceed with arc welding.
•We aim for reducing costs because of lacking welders, and facing environmental issues.
•Rivet method is as powerful as welding and it is easier for workers to get used to, which results in reducing costs and environmental issues.

Welding Method and Rivet Method

Issues with Welding Method
•Welders need to be trained
•Protective suit is required
•Distortion correction is required after the welding.
•It is required to smoothen the surface by grinder.
•Welding operation and construction needs to be done separately.
•Work environment gets worse

Benefits of installing Rivet Method
•Easier for workers to get used to
•Done by only the construction process Rivet fastening only
•Pull the trigger after inserting into Air Tool


Strength of rivet

Riveting pictures